Pune CP Amitesh Kumar Warns Against Hospital Chaos and Doctor Harassment

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Pune, 20th June 2024: Pune City Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar issued a stern warning on Wednesday (19th June) regarding strict action against those who create disturbances in hospitals after the death of a patient or harass doctors to waive hospital bills. This announcement follows numerous complaints from doctors about relatives causing chaos, threatening staff, vandalizing hospital property, and demanding bill waivers after a patient’s death during treatment.

Medical experts from the city recently met with CP Amitesh Kumar to discuss these growing concerns. In response, Kumar has instructed Senior Police Inspectors of all Pune Police Stations to file cases under non-bailable sections against individuals who besiege hospitals and harass doctors. He emphasized that any complaints regarding hospital administration or doctors should be directed to the Indian Medical Association (IMA), which is responsible for taking appropriate action if the hospital administration or doctors are found guilty.

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“After the death of a patient during treatment, relatives often create chaos in the hospital, vandalize property, and attack doctors,” CP Amitesh Kumar stated. “If there is a complaint against the hospital, relatives should use the proper channels and report to the IMA. However, it is wrong to take the law into their own hands and vandalize the hospital. The heads of all police stations in the city have been ordered to take action against such individuals under non-bailable sections.”

This directive aims to ensure that hospitals remain safe environments for both patients and healthcare professionals, free from threats and violence.