Pune: Cyber Thieves Drain Rs 3.05 Lakh from Woman’s Account in Mahabaleshwar Hotel Booking Scam

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Wagholi, 15th December 2023: A young woman’s pursuit of a delightful Christmas getaway to Mahabaleshwar turned into a financial nightmare as cyber thieves targeted her during an online hotel booking, siphoning off a staggering Rs 3.05 lakh from her bank account.

The victim, a resident of Wagholi, filed a complaint at the Lonikand police station (Pune City Police), leading to the registration of a case against the cybercriminals. The woman had planned a trip to Mahabaleshwar and opted to book a hotel room online for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

As she embarked on the search for suitable accommodations in Mahabaleshwar, she settled on The Keys Hotel. Unfortunately, the joy of her holiday plans turned into a distressing ordeal when the cyber thieves cunningly reached out to her mobile number, posing as hotel staff. Under the guise of assisting with the booking, the imposter coerced the victim into revealing her bank account information.


Later, the woman discovered that a substantial sum of Rs 3.05 lakh had been fraudulently withdrawn from her account. Upon realizing the extent of the financial loss, she promptly reported the incident to the Lonikand police station.