Pune: Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Mandir to Showcase Replica of Jatoli Shiv Mandir for Ganesh Chaturthi

dagdusheth ganpati
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Budhwar Peth, 10th June 2024: This year, as part of the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Mandir and Suvarnayug Tarun Mandal will showcase a replica of the Jatoli Shiv Mandir in Himachal Pradesh. This initiative marks the 132nd year of the trust’s public celebration of Chaturthi. The Jatoli Shiv Mandir is renowned as the tallest temple in the Asian continent. Manik Chavan, the president of the trust, has stated that this replica will be a special attraction for all Ganesh devotees. Visitors to the Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati during Ganesh Chaturthi will have the opportunity to experience the grandeur of the Jatoli Shiv Mandir.

The inauguration event for the decoration department at Hirabaug Kothi, located opposite Baburao Sanas Sports Ground, was led by art directors Aman Vidhate and Dipali Vidhate. Among the esteemed guests were Sunil Rasane, the Vice President of the Trust, Mahesh Suryavanshi, Treasurer, Hemant Rasane, General Secretary, Akshay Godse, Chief of Utsav, Amol Kedari, Joint Secretary, as well as Prakash Chavan, President of Suvarnayug Tarun Mandal, alongside other dignitaries and activists.

Replication Overview

Through meticulous craftsmanship, the Trust has consistently replicated various temples, each bearing unique cultural significance. This year, the spotlight falls on the recreation of the Jatoli Shiva Temple situated in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. This temple, named after the long jata (hair) of Lord Shiva, stands proudly atop a majestic hill, echoing tales from ancient Puranas where it served as Lord Shankar’s abode.

The architectural magnificence of the Jatoli temple lies in its distinctive South-Dravidian style, featuring three successive pyramids. The first pyramid houses the idol of Ganesha, while the second is adorned with the image of Sesha Naga. Erected over a period of 39 years, the temple towers at an impressive height of approximately 111 feet, emitting a resonating sound akin to a drumbeat when tapped upon.

As part of the Ganeshotsav festivities, a detailed replica of the Jatoli Shiv Mandir will be meticulously constructed, measuring 125 feet in length, 50 feet in width, and towering to a height of 111 feet. Crafted using fibre and embellished with intricate paintings, the replica mirrors the grandeur of the original temple. Noteworthy are the open-pillared main hall, allowing devotees to catch glimpses of the sanctum from a distance.

Overseeing the artistic direction of the temple’s recreation is Aman Vidhate, while Vaikar Bandhu ensures impeccable lighting arrangements, and Kale Mandawale manages the pavilion arrangements.