Pune District: Citizens Paid Rs 43 Crores Penalty For Not Wearing Masks

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Shivani Somvanshi

Pune, 10th August 2021: Even during strict restrictions throughout the Corona pandemic, the police, municipality and district administration have noticed that more than 9.5 lakh citizens of the district were not wearing masks.

These citizens have deliberately avoided using masks despite the compulsion of masks to prevent corona. All these unruly citizens have been fined a huge amount of Rs 43.48 crore. This is a penal action taken in the last sixteen months.

So far the highest fine of Rs 27.45 crore has been collected from more than 5.5 lakh people in Pune city. Continuous efforts have been made for the past sixteen months to control corona infections in the city and district.

Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad municipal administration, gram panchayat, municipal council and police are continuously taking disciplinary action against those violating Coronavirus disease (COVID19) prevention rules.

Pune Municipal Corporation has collected a total fine of Rs 1.33 crore from 27,762 people, while Pune city police collected Rs 26.11 crore from 5.31 lakh.

In Pimpri Chinchwad, about two lakh people paid Rs 5.67 crore fine.

In Pune Zilla Parishad area, 2.7 lakh people paid Rs 7.2 crore fine, while in municipal council area 83,000 people paid Rs 2.96 crore.

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