Pune District Election Administration Launches ‘PS Geoportal’ for Easy Polling Station Navigation

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 8th May 2024: In a bid to streamline the voting process and enhance voter convenience, the Pune district administration has introduced the ‘PS Geoportal.’ Developed in collaboration with the Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Center (MRSAC) Pune, this initiative aims to assist voters in locating their designated polling stations effortlessly.

Dr. Suhas Diwase, the Collector of Pune, has encouraged voters to utilize this innovative platform to access their respective polling stations and exercise their voting rights effectively.

The ‘PS Geoportal’ hosts detailed information about polling stations across various assembly constituencies, including those under Baramati, Pune, Shirur, Maval, and Pune Lok Sabha constituencies. MRSAC Pune has meticulously geo-tagged all the polling stations provided by the Collectorate to create this user-friendly system.

Accessible through both computer and mobile devices, the portal allows users to view their polling station’s location using a unique QR code or specific URL links. By simply accessing the portal, voters can pinpoint their exact geographical location on the map based on their assembly constituency and polling station details. Clicking on the location reveals comprehensive polling station information, including directions.

Dr. Sanjay Patil, the head of MRSAC Pune, elaborated on the functionality of the portal, stating that users can also access real-time navigation from their current location to the designated polling station by clicking on the “Direction” view.

To utilize the ‘PS Geoportal,’ users need to follow a few simple steps. Upon accessing the portal link, users select their assembly constituency and polling station from the options provided. Subsequently, the polling station’s location is displayed on the map, enabling users to access detailed information by clicking on it. By clicking on the “View” option next to “Direction,” users can seamlessly navigate to the polling station using Google Maps.

Moreover, the portal link can be conveniently accessed ensuring easy accessibility for all voters.

You can see your polling station location on computer based on URL link https://mahabhumi.mrsac.org.in/portal/apps/dashboards/f804b371685d4b74ad6c34b37bd41c0c or short link https://rb.gy/rp0e0r.

You can see your polling station location on mobile phone based on URL link https://mahabhumi.mrsac.org.in/portal/apps/dashboards/366148c2dff140efa5c6db2b69a52b0d or short link https://rb.gy/2jqo87.