Pune: Domestic Dispute Turns Violent: Woman Stabs Husband During Meal in Bhavani Peth

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Bhavani Peth, 26th February 2024: In the Bhavani Peth area, a woman stabbed and injured her husband during a minor disagreement while serving food. The incident has led to the registration of a case against the woman at Samarth Police Station.

The 43-year-old husband, aggrieved by the incident, has complained to Samarth Police Station. A case has been officially registered against the 34-year-old woman residing in Bhavani Peth in connection with the stabbing.

According to the police, the husband arrived home from work around 5 pm on Sunday to have lunch. During the meal, his wife requested Rs 500, leading to a dispute when the amount was not provided. The disagreement escalated when, while serving food, the wife created a commotion using a plate and copper utensil.

In response, the Husband slapped his wife. In a fit of anger, the wife retaliated by stabbing her husband, inflicting wounds on his biceps and back. Law enforcement was alerted to the incident and promptly arrived at the scene. The injured husband has been admitted to the hospital for medical attention.