Pune DRM says conspiracy on to derail trains

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Sumit Singh

Pune, May 18, 2019 : Major mishaps were averted due alertness of train drivers (loco pilot) and other staffs as they found iron nails, other objects on railway tracks. Two such incidents have been averted in April and May this year by alert loco pilots.

Pune Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Milind Deouskar told media persons that the incidents took place 10 days back between Rukadi and Hatkalangne railway stations in Kolhapur district. However the loco pilot saw the nails in time and immediately applied emergency brakes.

 More recently, in the Talegaon-Kamshet section, unknown miscreants put a big piece of iron on the track and made unsuccessful attempts to derail the Hyderabad-Mumbai Express, when the loco pilot saw it, he stopped the train in time by putting an emergency brake and later the object was removed.

A similar incident occurred near Dehuroad station in December last year. A piece of rail was kept on the track and it was hit by Pune-Lonavala Local train engine. Luckily nobody was injured.

DRM Deouskar added, “In another incident, in the Nandre-Sangli section last October, when the train number 12136 was passing from there, loco pilots saw more than 20 iron rods on the track. They stopped the train immediately and removed those objects from there. This also points to some big conspiracy of mischievous elements. An FIR has been lodged in this regard and the police are further investigating the case.”

Then on December 2, 2018, some children stuck an iron plate in the gap of tracks between Adarki and Wathar stations in Satara district. At the same time, a passenger train (51409) was passing by at speed of 50 km/hr and six wheels of the engine derailed. As the speed was low, there was no major damage. Police had detained the children and a court had found them guilty. They were released after taking undertaking from their parents.

Such incidents are worrying. Anti-social elements are being monitored constantly. Police are also keeping a watch.

The railway administration has warned such elements to refrain from any act which may lead to loss of life and property. If they are found to be involved in sabotage, conspiracy, strict action will be taken against them under different sections of the Railway Act, under which they can be given life imprisonment.

The administration also urged the general public to inform the nearest police station about the identities of those elements or those who are involved in attempts to derail trains.