Pune Educational Institutions Challenge AICTE’s Oversight on BBA and BCA Programs

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Pune, 11th April 2024: Educational institutions are actively striving to safeguard the autonomy of Bachelor of Management Science (BBA, BMS) and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) programs, resisting their classification under the purview of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). At the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), these programs are undergoing a rebranding process to align them with traditional commerce and science degree offerings.

Previously granted professional status by AICTE, these programs fell under its regulatory umbrella, necessitating a centralized admission process through the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) and compliance with AICTE infrastructure standards. This entails significant financial investment by educational institutions, potentially leading to increased fees. Consequently, some institutions have contested AICTE’s decision in court.

Simultaneously, efforts are underway to explore technical alternatives to maintain the autonomy of these programs. At the SPPU level, the courses are being rebranded and integrated into commerce and science degree categories. For instance, BBA is proposed to become BCom Business Administration, BCA as BCom Computer Application, BBA CA as BCom Computer Application, and BBA IB as BCom IB.

Revising the nomenclature of courses at the SPPU level could potentially lead to technical complications. Currently, BBA and BCA degree programs are firmly established within SPPU, distinct from the Commerce and Science degree programs. This has prompted higher education experts to observe that some institutions may continue offering AICTE-affiliated courses, while others might integrate these programs under traditional degree frameworks with modified names.

Dr Parag Kalkar, Pro Vice-Chancellor of SPPU, stated that the proposal to rename the BBA and BCA courses was initially introduced and approved in the Vidya Parishad. The issue will now be brought to the management council for further review, with the final decision depending on legal outcomes.

According to Dr. Rajendra Jhunjarrao, Principal of Modern College, students seeking admission to AICTE-affiliated BBA and BCA courses will need to take the entrance examination conducted by the CET cell. In contrast, for courses under the revised nomenclature within traditional degree structures, an entrance exam is not required. However, colleges may opt to hold their entrance tests or admit students based on their 12th-grade marks. Consequently, students should obtain accurate