Pune: Elderly Woman Overcomes Breathing Problems, Votes with Oxygen Support

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Pune, 13th May 2024: An elderly woman named Veda Bhave, suffering from breathing problems, arrived at the polling station with an oxygen cylinder to fulfil her civic duty by casting her vote. Advised by her doctor to use oxygen to aid her breathing, she carries the cylinder wherever she goes.

Accompanied by her son, Veda Bhave visited the Meenatai Thackeray School polling station in Kothrud this morning to vote. She was allowed to vote expeditiously due to her health condition.

Expressing her determination, Veda Bhave stated, “Breathing troubles compelled me to rely on oxygen. Despite my condition, voting is our fundamental right, and I must exercise it. I may not be around for the next election, but today, I’m here to vote with my son. Selecting our leaders is crucial, and voting empowers us to voice our opinions.”

In another display of civic responsibility, Bhavna Joshi voted alongside her three-month-old baby at a polling station in Mahesh Vidyalaya, Kothrud. Emphasizing the importance of voting for good governance, Bhavna stressed that every vote counts and can make a significant difference. She recalled voting in previous elections, highlighting her commitment to participate in the democratic process, even travelling from Hyderabad to Pune for that purpose in the past.