Pune: Electricity Connection Of 1.03 Lakh Consumers Disconnected For Non-Payment Of Bills, Cases Being Registered Against Neighbours For ‘Lighting’ Homes

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Vivek Patil

Pune, 24th September 2021: The arrears of electricity bills of 22 lakh 46 thousand non-agricultural consumers in Western Maharashtra have gone up to Rs 2503 crore 17 lakhs. As a result, MSEDCL has cut off the power supply to 1 lakh 3 thousand arrears in the last fortnight.


At present, in Western Maharashtra, 22 lakh 45 thousand 900 consumers in domestic, commercial, industrial, street lighting, public water supply, and other non-agricultural categories are in arrears of Rs 2503 crore 17 lakhs.


In this (arrears in brackets) Pune district – 10 lakh 36 thousand 600 (1045 crore), Satara district – 2 lakh 22 thousand 600 (262 crores), Solapur district – 3 lakh 36 thousand 900 (665 crores), Sangli district – 2 lakh 76 950 (226 crores) and 3 lakh 72 thousand 760 customers in Kolhapur district are in arrears of Rs 305 crore.


Due to non-payment despite repeated appeals and requests, the arrears have disrupted the financial situation of MSEDCL and the campaign to cut off the power supply to the arrears has been intensified as there is no other option. In Pune district 60 thousand 260, Satara district – 4790, Solapur – 9631, Kolhapur – 19 thousand 528 and Sangli district – 9313 arrears of power supply has been cut off.


Criminal action will be taken if the power is used from neighbour’s homes in case of a power outage. Also, special checks are being carried out on these connections in the evening. In both cases, criminal action is being taken under Section 135/138 of the Indian Electricity Act, 2003 against neighbours and persons using electricity if they are found using electricity from neighbours or other places through wires or cables. Meanwhile, all the official electricity bill payment centres of MSEDCL in Western Maharashtra will be open on Saturday (25) and Sunday (26) during office hours to facilitate payment of arrears and current electricity bills on public holidays.


It is noteworthy that even though one month’s electricity bill is overdue, action is being taken to cut off the power supply as per the rules without looking at the amount of the bill. Therefore, MSEDCL has appealed to co-operate by paying the arrears and current electricity bills regularly.


An online facility is available through www.mahadiscom.in website and mobile app for all consumers to pay their electricity bills at home. If the electricity bill of industrial, commercial, and domestic customers is more than Rs 10,000, they will be able to pay their electricity bill directly through RTGS or NEFT.