Pune engineer builds Cyclenxt, a next-generation cycle

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Shivanee Thote

Pune, February 5, 2020 : The single-speed bicycle probably the first invented in 1885 over a century ago. The latest innovation in the bicycle pedal system was in 1930.

Shashi Kant Baranga, Mechanical Engineer from Pune, with his new and updated design of up and down pedal system in the bicycles, has come with an aim for an alternative in Cyclenxt in which he claims, the stress of rickshaw pullers will be reduced, also the females will be able to ride the bicycle comfortably.

Along with its new and improved way of the pedaling system in which the rider needs to simply up and down the pedals which is easier and convenient. Also, it did not need any other sort of up-gradation. As said it has numerous profits. One can redesign his/her bicycle without much investment.

All the innovations were redesigns rather than upgrades as claimed by Shashi Kant. It does not demand any change in the bicycle manufacturing industry.

Speaking to Punekarnews.in Shashi Kant said, “Huge social impact will be reduced, pain and higher income for rickshaw pullers with greater comfort for female cyclist, longer and less tiring runs for a commuting cyclist can be seen.”

Additionally, what’s new in it is, reduced pedal force, as the current full cycle rotation require force up to 19kg with the upgradation up to 60 degree rotation pedal force is 15.6 kg, and up to 45-degree rotation the pedal force will be reduced to 13.5 kg.

Cyclenxt has a kit that would upgrade existing bicycles and rickshaws. The user can also switch back to the existing way if, want to learn while Cyclenxt. The kit is for INR 1200-1400 which is within the reach of a common man and saves up to 32% as compared to geared bicycles.

With an increase of 30% in the crank length, the pedal force will drop to 9.5 kg. The estimated development time for the parts of this upgraded bicycle is just three months because the similar designs are used in the industry.

The bicycle market in India is about to register a CAGR of more than 8% in terms of value during the forecasted period of 2016-17 to 2021-22. If 30% of the population converts into Cyclenxt within the next 2-3 years we can get a revenue of 1200 crore. This would boost the manufacture of Micro and Small Enterprises.

Users in the other countries still ride a bicycle as sports gadget and their cycle pattern is similar to the bicycles which we have in our country. So they can be our potential target.

Shashi Kant has showcased his work at Pimpri Cyclothon, Pune Science Technology, Science and Technology fair at Fergusson College where his work was appreciated.