Pune: Enjoy unconventional art by famous artist Aditya Shirke; dark horse show premiere at the Karkhana

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Shikha Chaurasia

Pune, January 8, 2021: Art is a beautiful way to express your thoughts, beliefs and expressions. This Saturday, the Karkhana is going to bring forth a show by the famous artist Aditya Shirke for the audience and fellow artists. The ‘dark horse’ is going to premiere on January 9, 2020 from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.


Aditya Shirke is a renowned artist from Pune known for his exceptional and unconventional art. While most of us engage in spoken or written form of art or communication, Aditya communicates through a visual language. He is one of a kind and draws inspiration from everything around him. In most of his works, one can find a storytelling element and a consciousness.


He says, “The idea of mark making/drawing as a primal urge and instinct coupled with the ability of these marks (brushstrokes) to leave a trace of the process and to visually encode the energy and force with which it was made for the viewer to see is an intriguing facet of painting and drawing. This apparent motion in a still image creates a flux and that interests me immensely apart from the figure ground relationships.”


Regarding his art show premiere he said, “The Dark Horse @ the karkhana tries to push the artist’s practice by using unconventional and quotidian implements in a performative environment resulting in a visceral and direct outcome that is at once instinctive yet precise, forceful and unsuperfluous.”


The Karkhana is first of its kind interdisciplinary design factory, industrial co-working & creative design incubation centre. It is just a 14 kilometres picturesque drive away from Pune at Velu/Sasewadi, right on the Mumbai-Bangalore highway towards Satara.