Pune Faces Impending Water Crisis: Only Two Months Stock Available In Khadakwasla Reservoirs Project

Khadakwasla Dam
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Pune, 27th March 2024: The Khadakwasla project, which supplies water to Pune city, currently holds adequate water reserves from all four of its dams to sustain the city for the next two months. However, the city faces a shortfall of approximately 2.5 (Thousand Million Cubic Feet) of water reserve compared to the required amount until the arrival of the monsoon season. This shortage raises concerns about the possibility of severe water scarcity in Pune by May.

The city relies on water supplied from the Khadakwasla, Temghar, Panshet, and Varasgaon dams, with approximately 4 TMCs of water available specifically for drinking purposes. Despite this, the available reserves are projected to last only until mid-May, highlighting the urgency for Pune residents to conserve water usage starting immediately. Senior officials from the Water Resources Department of the Government of Maharashtra have corroborated this assessment.

Pune City’s annual drinking water quota, sanctioned by the Water Resources Department, stands at 14.61 TMC. However, the actual water usage by citizens exceeds this quota, averaging 20.49 TMC annually. This disparity is compounded by increasing urbanization, with additional villages falling under Pune Municipal Corporation jurisdiction, further elevating water demand.

The current water storage in the Khadakwasla project is reported at 13.01 TMC, reflecting a deficit compared to the previous year. With this backdrop, officials warn that the available reserves will likely be depleted by mid-May, emphasizing the critical need for water conservation efforts. Additionally, water releases are allocated for agricultural use, further stressing the importance of prudent water management practices in Pune.