Pune: Families of Porsche Crash Victims Demand Justice, Call for Law Reforms And Transfer Of Case

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Pune/Jabalpur, 24th May 2024: The ashes of software engineer Ashwini Koshta, who tragically died in the Porsche car crash along with her friend Aneesh Awadhiya, were immersed in the Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. Both families, consumed by grief and anger, have vowed to hold the juvenile driver and his parents accountable.

“It was murder, not an accident,” stated Aneesh’s father, Omprakash Awadhiya, calling for the case to be transferred to a court in Madhya Pradesh. Ashwini’s father, Suresh Kumar Koshta, is demanding legal reforms to ensure “appropriate punishment” that can serve as a deterrent.

“Someone who squanders thousands on booze in pubs and drives expensive cars shouldn’t be treated as a minor. He killed two young, talented engineers for no fault of theirs. He should be dealt with sternly to prevent such tragedies. The juvenile’s parents are equally responsible for letting him drive the car,” Koshta said after immersing his daughter’s ashes.

Ashwini’s birthday was in June, and Koshta, who is due to retire the same month, had looked forward to celebrating both occasions. “She was about to book a hotel for us,” he recalled tearfully.

Koshta insisted that the investigation should be monitored by the Supreme Court or the Bombay High Court to ensure impartiality. “I will fight for justice till my last breath,” he vowed.

He urged Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav to speak with his Maharashtra counterpart to ensure a free and fair investigation. “Both young engineers killed in the incident were from MP, and the state government must take steps to ensure justice,” Koshta said.

Reflecting on Ashwini’s life, Koshta remembered her scoring 99% in her class 10 and 12 board exams and excelling in her engineering studies in Pune with 90% marks. “She worked hard for a bright future and was elated when she got her first job,” he said.

From his home in Pali, Umaria district, Aneesh’s father, Omprakash Awadhiya, expressed his frustration: “The juvenile was treated like a guest at the police station. He didn’t even have a license. It’s not an accident; it’s murder.”

Both families believe the juvenile, who is just four months shy of his 18th birthday, should be tried as an adult. “Parents of the accused should also be punished appropriately to set an example,” Awadhiya said.

Aneesh had big dreams, including furthering his education in London. He had recently visited Dubai and returned home to Pali before heading back to Pune on May 14. Five days later, he was dead. “Aneesh promised to ensure a good education for all the children in our family. With his death, all our dreams lie shattered,” his father lamented.

Both families have pledged to continue their fight for justice, determined to see those responsible held accountable for their actions.