Pune: Family Court Grants Unilateral Divorce to Husband Due to Wife’s Mental Harassment

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Pune, 9th July 2024: Even in today’s advanced and educated society, incidents of harassment of women by in-laws occur regularly. However, a reverse trend is emerging where cases of mental torture of husbands are on the rise. Frustrated by their wives’ harassment, husbands are increasingly seeking divorce in family courts.

In a recent case, the Pune Court issued a summons to an absent wife and granted unilateral divorce to the husband. Judge VK Thakur presided over the case, which was resolved within nine months. Advocate Shubhangi Jethithor represented the husband in this matter.

Vijay and Rekha (fictitious names) were married on 1st March 2016. Initially, Rekha lived harmoniously with her husband for two months after marriage. However, she later began mentally harassing her husband.

Her behaviours included waking up late, neglecting household chores and cooking, shouting, and causing unnecessary disturbances to the in-laws. Eventually, Vijay was compelled to move to a separate house and live apart from his parents.

Despite this, Rekha continued to mentally harass Vijay, leading to his deteriorating mental health and job loss due to the constant stress. During this period, Rekha went to her parents’ home to give birth but never returned to her husband. After repeated attempts to reconcile failed, Vijay finally filed for divorce through Advocate Shubhangi P. Jethithor.