Pune Family Court’s Swayamsiddha Initiative To Be Replicated Across Maharashtra

Pune Family Court
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Shivajinagar, 28th August 2021: Women who are fighting family-related disputes in family court do not always get help from their in-laws or their own family. In a lot of cases, they do need a helping hand.

For this, the ‘Swayamsiddha’ initiative started in the Family Court in Pune will now be extended across Maharashtra. This will help empower women across the state who are embroiled in family disputes.

The initiative was launched in March 2017 at the Family Court here to empower women who have lost family support or are financially destitute. So far 56 women have been trained for various skills. Out of which 17 women have got salaries through employment. About 15 women have started their home business by learning various skills.

Based on the knowledge and skills gained from this training, employment and business opportunities have been created which has reduced the financial hardship of the women as well. Therefore, this successful project in Pune will now be implemented across the state and will benefit many needy women. The planning has been done by the family court.