Pune: Financial Fraud Alert in Wakad: Couple Loses Rs 35 Lakhs in Share Market Scam

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Wakad, 23rd February 2024: Between January 29th and February 17th, 2024, a couple residing in Kaspate Vasti, Wakad, fell victim to financial fraud, losing a total of Rs 35 lakhs 35 thousand. The perpetrators employed deceptive tactics, pressuring the couple into investing in the trading share market. The fraudulent scheme involved the creation of fake investment records through a counterfeit mobile application. Authorities are now investigating the incident to identify and apprehend those responsible for this illicit activity. The victims are urged to report the incident promptly, and the public is advised to exercise caution and verify investment opportunities thoroughly to prevent falling prey to such scams.

A 44-year-old man has lodged a formal complaint at the Wakad police station, resulting in the registration of a case. The individuals implicated in the case are manager Meenakshi Kapoor, Aarav, Lopa Sharmin Kabir, Kunal, and Pooja Sharma (whose full name and address are currently unknown).

According to the police report, the complainant discovered a social media advertisement promoting trading in the share market, promising substantial profits. Intrigued, the complainant followed the provided link, leading to their inclusion in a WhatsApp group. Within this group, the accused individuals encouraged the complainant to download an app, presenting it as a tool to monitor and capitalize on share market gains.

The complainant invested Rs 21 lakh 65 thousand, and his wife invested Rs 13 lakh 70 thousand, totalling Rs 35 lakh 35 thousand. When the complainant sought to withdraw the invested funds by contacting the company’s customer care, the withdrawal request was unexpectedly cancelled. Despite this setback, the complainant received neither profits nor the reimbursement of the invested amount.

The Wakad Police are investigating this matter further.