Pune: Fog Disrupts Train Schedules in Multiple Sections Near Solapur and Surrounding Areas

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Pune, 8th December 2023: From the late hours of last night till the early morning today, several regions in and around Solapur encountered dense and heavy fog, impacting railway services in various sections. The weather phenomenon severely affected visibility along critical railway tracks, compelling trains to operate at significantly reduced speeds of approximately 50-60 kmph, a stark contrast to their regular pace of 110 kmph.

The affected areas included the Mohol to Malikpeth section near Solapur, Daund to Parewadi, Daund to Shrigonda, Daund to Kedgaon, Masur-Koregaon near Sangli, Satara section, and Salpa to Valha near Lonand. Fog-induced poor visibility of signals prompted cautious operations, causing substantial delays for several trains in the region.

Notable among the delayed trains were the 18519 Express, 12701 Express, 11139 Express, 11013 Express, 16339 Express, 01024 Express, 17318 Express, 17411 Express, and 22226 Express. These trains encountered delays due to the adverse foggy conditions prevailing throughout the night and into the early morning.

The foggy conditions persisted for a substantial duration, lasting approximately 8 hours from around 01:00 hrs to 09:15 hrs, significantly impacting the punctuality of the train schedules in the affected regions.

However, as of 09:15 hrs in the morning, the fog has cleared from the aforementioned sections, allowing normal railway operations to resume. The Indian Railways authorities have advised passengers to stay updated with the latest information regarding train schedules as services return to regular operations following the clearance of fog in these areas.