Pune Football March: Shikhar Shah’s Hat-Trick Leads Loyola High School to Victory against Vidya Valley School

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Pune, 17th July 2023: The Bishop’s School, Camp and arch-rivals hosts Loyola High School made hay winning all their matches and ended the day with a three-on-three record in the Loyola Football Cup powered by Tata Autocomp at the Loyola H.S ground, Pashan here on Monday.

The tournament, organised by the Ex Loyola Students Network (ELAN) and Loyola High School, Pune, saw Loyola H.S hogg the day honours registering two double-digit wins over SSPMS Boarding.

In the Under-14 section, Loyola H.S notched the biggest win of the day registering a 13-0 win over SSPMS Boarding. The highlight was a brilliant 4-goal effort by Parth Shinde (22nd, 25th, 33rd, 35th), which was supported by two three-goal feats by Kharanshu Gajare (2nd, 11th, 17th) and Param Kulkarni (8th, 14th, 21st). A brace by Adhiraj Singh (36th, 39th) and a single-strike by Vedant Shitole (16th) accounted for the huge tally.

Later in the Under-16 section, Loyola H.S followed up success with another double-digit scoreline by recording a 10-0 win over SSPMS 10-3.

For Loyola Vedant Kamble (14th, 34th, 43nd) and Vedant Gupta (21st, 47th – p, 55th) led the way which was built upon by Atharva Sonawane (3rd, 32nd), Darsh Kasat (40th) and Shubham Chaudhary (58th). SSPMS put on a fight with (Shrinivas Mahale (30th, 60th) and Harsh Gawli (30+1 – p) pulling back the scoreline.

In the Under-12 section, Shaun Angre (15th) turned out to be Loyola H.S hero as his goal was enough to hand SSPMS their third defeat of the day.

The Bishop’s School, Camp made their mark outwitting Vidya Valley School 11-0 in the Under-14 section. Arjun Deshpande (1st, 2nd, 28th), Shikhar Shah (3rd, 21st, 23rd) led the goal-glut, while Joshua Songate (6th), Zaid Baig (10th), Aaryan Kirtane (11th), Samuit Kasat (12th) and Diuyan Kaushik (15th) added their names to the huge scoreline.

The other win for The Bishop’s School, Camp came in the Under-16 section and Under-12 section with identical 3-0 wins over Vidya Valley School.


Under-12: The Bishop’s School, Camp: 3 (Abheer Jadhav 12th, Zisaan Akkalkotkar 24th, Hitaansh Khatri 27th) bt Vidya Valley School: 0

Under-14: The Bishop’s School, Camp: 11 (Arjun Deshpande 1st, 2nd, 28th ; Shikhar Shah 3rd, 21st, 23rd; Joshua Songate 6th; Zaid Baig 10th; Aaryan Kirtane 11th; Samuit Kasat 12th; Diuyan Kaushik 15th) bt Vidya Valley School: 0

Under-16: The Bishop’s School, Camp: 3 (Aariz Shaikh 37th, 60th; Iqbal Shaikh 45th) bt Vidya Valley School: 0

Under-12: Loyola High School: 1 (Shaun Angre 15th) bt SSPMS Boarding: 0

Under-14: Loyola High School: 13 (Kharanshu Gajare 2nd, 11th, 17th; Param Kulkarni 8th, 14th, 21st; Vedant Shitole 16th; Parth Shinde 22nd, 25th, 33rd, 35th; Adhiraj Singh 36th, 39th) bt SSPMS Boarding:0

Under-16: Loyola High School: 10 (Atharva Sonawane 3rd, 32nd; Vedant Kamble 14th, 34th, 43nd; Vedant Gupta 21st, 47th – p, 55th; Darsh Kasat 40th; Shubham Chaudhary 58th) bt SSPMS Boarding: 3 (Shrinivas Mahale 30th, 60th; Harsh Gawli 30+1 – p)