Pune: Fortune Dairy Indapur Ordered to Shut Down After Human Finger Found in Ice Cream

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Indapur, 15th June 2024: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered the immediate shutdown of Fortune Dairy in Indapur following a shocking incident where a human finger was discovered in an ice cream cone. This alarming discovery was made by a woman in Malad, Mumbai, on Wednesday, who had ordered the ice cream from Yummo Company via an online delivery app.

The incident occurred when the woman, enjoying her ice cream, suddenly found a fragment of a human finger inside the cone. Her family rushed to the Malad police station to report the incident.

The Malad Police have registered a case against Yummo Ice Cream Company and have sent the contaminated ice cream to forensic experts for further examination. The forensic (FSL) analysis will help determine the origin of the human finger and how it ended up in the ice cream.

In response to this incident, the FDA has issued an order to shut down Fortune Dairy in Indapur, which is one of the suppliers for Yummo Company. Yummo sources its ice cream from manufacturers in Indapur, Ghaziabad, and Pune. It remains unclear which specific plant produced the tainted ice cream, but the FDA has mandated a halt in production across the implicated facilities until the investigation is complete.