Pune: Four-Wheeler Falls Into River Near Walchandnagar-Natepute Road, No Casualties

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Indapur, 4th January 2023: On the Neera river bridge near Kalamboli, Solapur, on the Walchandnagar-Natepute road in Indapur taluka, a Swift car crashed into the railing and plunged into the river due to the light of the oncoming vehicle. Two people survived this accident. The car suffered major damage.

According to the information received from Walchandnagar Police Station, the informant Sagar Ashok Ghodke (28), a resident of Sangli No 1, taluka Karmala, district Solapur, and his brother-in-law Sushant Vishnu Rajemane, a resident of Kalamboli, district Indapur, were in this Swift car.

After finishing their work on 3rd January at around 3.00 am, they were going to Kalamboli via Walchandnagar Natepute Road via Indapur Junction, Walchandnagar to drop off his brother-in-law at Kalamboli.

Then suddenly, a four-wheeler passed by their vehicle speedily, and due to the light coming from the four-wheeler, the driver could not foresee the Kalamboli bridge in front and lost control of the Swift car and fell off the bridge into the river. The car fell into the water of the Neera river after hitting the iron guardrail that was partially left on the bridge.

Fortunately, there were no casualties reported. The informer and his brother-in-law came out of the car and swam to the river bank. In this accident, the car got damaged by falling into the water. It was pulled out of the river with the help of a crane in the afternoon.