Pune: Gunfire Erupts at Chakan Hotel: Owner Injured, Three Suspects Implicated

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Chakan, 19th March 2024: In an incident at the Hotel Maratha Family Restaurant & Bar in Rase, Chakan, three individuals stormed the premises and unleashed gunfire on Monday night (18th) around 10:30 PM, causing chaos and injury. ACP Shivaji Pawar confirmed that the owner of the hotel, Swapnil alias Sanjay Shinde, sustained injuries during the attack. Rahul Pawar, Ajay Gaikwad, and another unidentified person have been implicated in the case, with Ajay Gaikwad already apprehended by the police.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Shivaji Pawar provided further details, indicating that Swapnil Shinde, who runs the hotel in the Chakan area, was present at the time of the incident. The assailants arrived at the hotel and discharged two rounds of gunfire, resulting in a minor injury to Swapnil Shinde’s head. Both Swapnil Shinde and the accused individuals have a history of criminal involvement.

Upon receiving reports of the shooting, law enforcement teams from Chakan police and the crime branch swiftly responded to the scene. Ajay Gaikwad was promptly arrested, while efforts are underway to locate the remaining two suspects. A case has been officially registered at the Chakan Police Station in connection with the incident.

The motive behind the shooting appears to stem from a previous tragedy, as it is believed to be linked to the murder of Ritesh Pawar, the younger brother of accused Rahul Pawar, four months prior. The gunfire erupted amid suspicions that Siyara Shinde had aided the individuals accused in Ritesh Pawar’s murder, escalating tensions and leading to the violent confrontation at the Maratha Hotel.