Pune: Hadapsar Flyover Is Finally Open For Vehicles

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Hadapsar, 21st March 2022: The flyover at Hadapsar, which has been closed to traffic for restoration work since last month, was finally reopened on one side of Pune at 2:30 pm today (March 21). This has brought relief to the stranded passengers and they have expressed happiness.

The bridge’s bearings were worn out. Traffic on the bridge had been closed since last month for its repairs. The flyover from Pune to Solapur and Saswad has recently been repaired with new bearings. Currently, this route is only for light traffic.

In the presence of Assistant Commissioner Prasad Katkar, Chief Engineer Srinivas Bonala, Executive Engineer Indrabhan Ranadive, and others, traffic resumed from the flyover in the afternoon.

The launch of the flyover on the Pune side has helped in easing the daily traffic congestion. “Heavy vehicles will be allowed to travel from the bridge in the next few days. Work is currently underway to repair one of the pillars of the flyover approaching the city near Solapur. Traffic will resume on that side in the next few days”, said Chief Engineer Bonala.