Pune: Hidoc Dr. Pune contributes 5000+ meals for pediatric patients at KEM Hospital

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Pune, 14 June 2024: Hidoc Dr. Pune has contributed 5000+ meals worth Rs 2 lakhs dedicated to underprivileged pediatric patients at KEM Hospital, Pune. This generous donation helps to guarantee that patients are nourished during treatment. Started by Dr. Rajesh Gadia, this noble initiative aims to provide necessary food for the patients undergoing treatment, irrespective of their financial status.

The entire pediatric ward will be able to receive 5,000+ wholesome meals thanks to a kind donation of 2 lakhs by Hidoc Dr. All the pediatric ward patients will receive nutritious meals for the entire 2 years, twice a week, with this donation. With this initiative, the health of pediatric patients will be greatly enhanced, aiding their speedy recovery during their hospital stay.

Thanks to this generous donation from Hidoc Dr., the KEM hospital doesn’t have to go for anymore fundraising as the funds for 2 years are secured. This partnership shows how boosting community participation is significant and improves the overall well-being of children.

For many years, Hidoc Dr. has been offering solutions for volunteering in the community. This most recent donation illustrates further outreach to help the most vulnerable population in the community.

Serving the healthcare needs of people in the Pune District of Maharashtra State in India since 1912, KEM Hospital, Pune, has grown to be one of the largest private hospitals in the region. KEM Hospital consists of highly experienced healthcare practitioners treating patients from various backgrounds.

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