Pune: Hundreds Of Fish Dying Daily In Indrayani River Due To Contaminated Water

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Dehugaon, 29th May 2023: Pollution of the Indrayani River is increasing day by day. Due to this contaminated water, hundreds of dead fish are dying in the river every day. Since fishes are dying daily, the area surrounding the river is smelling foul.


Fish deaths are reported in the Indrayani River for more than two weeks now. Indrayani River originates from the Lonavla area. It has been repeatedly revealed that water mixed with chemicals from the settlements and companies in Lonavla is being released directly into the Indrayani River. But no strict action is taken by the administration. This led to the Indrayani River getting polluted on a large scale.


On behalf of the Dehugaon Municipality, water slit removal from the Indrayani River is done. But on the ghat in the Dehugaon temple area, the water slit remains as it is. Therefore, the question arises that, where exactly is the municipality’s slit removal campaign going on? Due to increased algae and polluted water, the oxygen in the river water decreases. Therefore aquatic life especially fish comes to the surface of the water. But they die due to lack of oxygen.


For the past few days, dead fish have been lying on the Indrayani river ghat in Dehugaon. Due to this, bad smell has spread in the area. These fish are being collected by local citizens. But since the birds coming to the ghat pick up the dead fish and throw them elsewhere, the villagers are facing problems.


The Palkhi ceremony of Ashadhi Vari is just ten days away. Devotees from all over Maharashtra come to Dehu City for the Palkhi ceremony. In the next few days, the pilgrims will start arriving in Dehu City. But before that, the stench spread by the dead fish has taken over the city. A timely solution is being demanded by the local citizens.