Pune: Husband Arrested For Wife’s Murder In Lohegaon

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Lohegaon, 10th September 2023: A heart-wrenching incident of a fatal stabbing, allegedly driven by suspicions about his wife’s character, unfolded in the Santnagar area of Lohegaon, Pune. The husband has been arrest by the Vimantal police in connection with this tragic case.


The victim has been identified as Rupali, also known as Babita Ashish Bhosale, aged 35, residing in Santnagar, Lohegaon.


The accused in this distressing incident is Ashish Sunil Bhosale, aged 32, residing in Santnagar, Lohgaon. A complaint has been filed by Swapnil Balasaheb Khandve at the Vimantal police station.


The Bhosale couple had been residing in a rented room in the Santnagar area of Lohegaon. The accused, Ashish, works as a sweeper. Over the past several months, he had reportedly subjected his wife, Rupali, to harassment due to suspicions about her character. The situation escalated into a heated argument between the couple, during which Ashish allegedly stabbed his wife, Rupali, with a kitchen knife.


Upon learning of the incident, concerned neighbors promptly informed the police. Rupali was swiftly transported to the hospital, but tragically, she succumbed to her injuries before receiving treatment.


DCP (Zone 4) Shashikant Borate, ACP Sanjay Patil, and Senior Police Inspector Vilas Sonde visited the crime scene. The police have arrested the accused, Ashish, in connection with the case. Assistant Police Inspector Sanjay Dhamane is conducting further investigation.