Pune: iNFHRA’s Workplace Excellence Conference & Awards To Recognize Industry Pioneers in Workplace Management

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Pune, 4th October 2023: In recognition of the outstanding contributions made by individuals and teams in the Workplace industry, iNFHRA is all set to host the 8th Edition of the Workplace Excellence Conference & Awards for the year 2023-2024. This prestigious event aims to honor excellence in various aspects of workplace management, promoting sustainable performance and innovation within the industry.

The Workplace Excellence Conference & Awards serve as a platform to acknowledge those who have significantly improved workplace environments and the overall performance of their facilities. These awards are a testament to the commitment of individuals and teams who have dedicated themselves to the knowledge, practical application, and effective communication of strategies that enhance the workplace experience.

This year’s awards program covers a diverse range of categories, reflecting the multifaceted nature of workplace management. The categories include Excellence in Best Project Architecture, Best Project Corporate, Cafeteria Management, Corporate Real Estate, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), Employee Transport, Encouraging employees to return to the office, Innovation Technology, Procurement (Direct & Indirect), Safety and Security, and Sustainability.

iNFHRA’s Workplace Excellence Awards are particularly significant as they are the only jury-driven awards of their kind in India. The program has garnered support from leading industry players and partners, underlining its importance and credibility within the sector.

Workplace managers, often the unsung heroes of the corporate world, play a vital role in understanding their company’s core business and contributing to its success. These awards are a well-deserved recognition of their hard work and dedication, providing them with a platform to showcase their achievements.

The Workplace Excellence Conference & Awards have been a beacon of recognition and celebration within the workplace management industry. With the 8th Edition on the horizon, the industry eagerly anticipates another year of honoring excellence and innovation in the field.

As iNFHRA continues to promote excellence within the Workplace profession through these awards, the industry can look forward to a brighter and more sustainable future, driven by the dedication and expertise of its workforce.