Pune International Airport In Purandar Will Require More Than 3,000 Acres – Divisional Commissioner Saurabh Rao

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Pune, 4th September 2022: In order to build the proposed airport and multi-modal logistics hub, a little over 3,000 acres of land will need to be purchased from the seven villages in Purandar Taluka, according to divisional commissioner Saurabh Rao on Saturday.

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He promised a thorough evaluation of the amount of land needed in each of the seven villages of Paragon, Khanwadi, Munjwadi, Ekhatpur, Kumbharvalan, Vanpuri, and Udachiwadi by the district government. By September 30, a number of land acquisition models would be created and submitted to the government, as well as skill-based training for the impacted households. He declared that the administration will concentrate on providing skill-based training to the impacted families in order for them to get engaged at the hub as per the deputy chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis, instructions.


The proposed greenfield international airport would be built at the previously noted location in the seven villages, according to the deputy chief minister, who reiterated this on Friday. This is because the site has all the necessary licenses. In the original proposal sent to the government, land in the seven villages was designated for the airport project. The administration will examine the potential of swiftly purchasing property at the original site, according to Rao.

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He said, ”We need to determine how much land would be needed for the airport and logistics hub, so I’ll be meeting with officials from the Pune district administration, the land acquisition department, the Maharashtra Airport Development Company (MADC), the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), and representatives from Pargaon on September 6 as part of preliminary discussions. The administration will prioritize providing a sustainable livelihood to individuals and providing land for the project, in addition to assessing the region and families affected.”


Fadnavis, who oversaw a thorough review meeting about the airport, instructed that one or two members of each family be designated for skill-based training.