Pune: Jackie Shroff Arrives At The House After Receiving Information Regarding The Death Of Maid’s Grandmother

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Friyana Munshi

Pune, March 13, 2021: Famous actor Jackie Shroff shows a very humane gesture. Maid’s grandmother, who has been working at his home for many years, passed away two days ago. When Jackie Shroff came to know regarding the same, on Friday evening, he along with some members of his team reached the house of Maid in Pawan Nagar in Maval tehsil of Pune and mourned along with the mournful family.

Grandma died at the age of 100

Tanabai Thackeray, the grandmother of Deepali Tupe, who lives in Maval, died two days ago (on Thursday) at the age of 100. Deepali has been working at Jackie’s house in Mumbai for many years. As soon as the grandmother’s death was known, Deepali reached Pune in a private taxi. Jackie also arrived here on Friday evening and stayed for nearly an hour, comforting the entire family. During this, he also sat on the floor with the bereaved family.

Jackie Shroff’s generosity has not been seen for the first time. Shroff has a bungalow in Maval’s Chandkhed and often comes here from Mumbai. The people of Chandkhed say that they do come here to roam but are always ready to help the people of the village.