Pune: Japanese Company HORIBA Strengthens Water Monitoring Solutions for India’s Jal Jeevan Mission

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Pune, July 11th 2023: HORIBA Group, a renowned Japanese company, is set to contribute to India’s Jal Jeevan Mission through its advanced Techno SAS solutions. Following the acquisition of French company Tethys, HORIBA has launched a range of new products that provide comprehensive solutions for water and wastewater monitoring systems in India.

The product launch event, held in Pune on July 10th, was attended by esteemed guests, including Dr Rajeev Gautam, Corporate Officer of HORIBA, Ltd. and President of HORIBA India Pvt. Ltd., and Dr Kentaro Nishikata, Jr. Corporate Officer of HORIBA, Ltd. and President of HORIBA Advanced Techno, Japan. The event also featured an insightful panel session titled “Jal Samvad: Sustainable Water Quality Monitoring and Management System”, led by industry experts.

Through this acquisition, the HORIBA Group aims to become a leader in the Indian and SAARC markets for wastewater monitoring, industrial effluent monitoring, and drinking water systems. Their solutions incorporate UV-VIS, Ion-Selective, Colorimetry, and Combustion-based NDIR technologies, enabling continuous monitoring of water quality parameters such as pH, BOD, COD, TSS, Ammonia, Nitrate, and Total Organic Carbon. The addition of Tethys to the HORIBA Group’s portfolio strengthens their research and development of analytical systems for water quality measurement and enhances solution proposals for industrial users. By combining Tethys’ expertise in UV spectroscopy with HORIBA Advanced Techno’s electrochemical and sampling core technologies and leveraging HORIBA Group’s core strengths in nondispersive infrared (NDIR) and combustion technologies, the company is well-positioned to provide comprehensive water quality measurement solutions.

Dr Rajeev Gautam expressed the importance of accurate water monitoring in India, given the country’s large population and significant water consumption. He emphasized that HORIBA’s world-class Japanese technology, combined with the newly acquired capabilities from Tethys, will further strengthen their product range for water solutions.

Dr Kentaro Nishikata highlighted HORIBA’s commitment to protecting the world’s water through its advanced sensing technology. Water plays a crucial role in the global environment, living conditions, and industry, and HORIBA has been actively addressing water-related challenges through its analysis and measurement technologies. Their mission is to safeguard water quality worldwide and contribute to the well-being of all people through water and liquid measurement.

The HORIBA Group, known for its expertise in automotive emission testing, medical diagnostics, semiconductors, scientific analytical equipment, and process & environmental equipment, is now focusing on addressing clean water and wastewater quality monitoring challenges in rural and urban areas with its UV Spectroscopy-based equipment.

Waterborne diseases impose an economic burden of approximately USD 600 million on India annually, and two-thirds of the country’s districts face extreme water depletion. HORIBA aims to alleviate these issues and ensure the right to clean water for every child in India, aligning with the government’s objectives.

Established in 1953, HORIBA Group ventured into India nearly 30 years ago through partnerships and later established itself as a legal entity in 2006. Over the years, the company has made significant progress, with over 30,000 installations across India. They serve prominent industrial giants such as The TATA Group, Adani, Thermax, National Thermal Power plant, Delhi Jal Board, National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), JSW Group, Reliance, as well as academic institutions including central universities, IITs, and NITs.