Pune: Kalyani Nagar Residents Meet District Collector to Address Violations by Commercial Establishments

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Pune, 24th June 2024: Delegates from Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar (TSKN) met with District Collector Suhas Divase this afternoon to address the ongoing issues caused by violations from commercial establishments in Kalyani Nagar and other areas across Pune. The meeting focused on the need for sustained action by government agencies to tackle these violations.

The TSKN representatives emphasized the residents’ demands for strict monitoring and enforcement by civic authorities, including the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Police, Excise Department, and Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB). They also questioned the process of granting licenses to commercial establishments within residential areas, highlighting the negative impact on the quality of life for local residents.

A key point of discussion was the need to roll back operating hours of these establishments to minimize disturbances. The delegates stressed the importance of ensuring compliance by operators and maintaining continuous monitoring and enforcement.

Formal letters outlining these concerns and demands were submitted during the meeting. The Collector expressed his solidarity with the concerns raised by TSKN and assured the delegates of his full support in addressing the issues. He pledged to do his best to curb non-compliance and support the residents’ appeals.

“The process of granting licenses within the heart of residential areas was also queried,” a TSKN representative stated. “Moving forward, emphasis was laid on the need to roll back operating hours, ensure compliance by operators, and sustain monitoring and enforcement by civic authorities, including PMC, Police, Excise, and MPCB.”

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The Board of Managing Trustees of TSKN reiterated their commitment to working with the authorities to improve the situation for the residents of Kalyani Nagar and other affected areas in Pune.