Pune: Katraj Citizens Initiate Indefinite Hunger Strike to Protest Lack of Development by Pune Municipal Corporation

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Katraj, 12th December 2023: Expressing discontent over the persistent lack of development in the Katraj area by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), citizens, and members of Katraj Vikas Aghadi have organized an indefinite hunger strike commencing on December 12 (Tuesday). The protest aims to draw attention to the absence of essential infrastructural improvements and various issues that have long plagued the community.

A concerned resident highlighted the fact that Katraj has been under the jurisdiction of PMC for the past 25 years without a dedicated Development Plan (DP). This absence has resulted in unauthorized constructions, water supply challenges, and other pressing issues. The inadequate and untimely water supply, coupled with traffic problems arising from an ill-conceived flyover plan, are among the grievances voiced by the residents.

According to the resident, the proposed flyover plan addresses only one side of traffic and descends to an area where increased traffic may lead to accidents. The demand is for an extension of the flyover up to Katraj Dairy, the Old Pune-Satara Road area, or the creation of a grade separator to mitigate traffic-related concerns effectively.

Issues related to electricity problems, particularly in the presence of numerous factories in Katraj, were also brought to attention. The unused 10-acre cow grazing land (Gayran) in Katraj was suggested for the creation of water tanks and a powerhouse for electricity. However, the PMC has not taken any action on this front.

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Furthermore, the absence of property cards for areas such as Katraj Vasahat, Upper Indira Nagar, and others compounds the list of grievances. The hunger strike, initiated by Katraj Vikas Aghadi, aims to address these issues collectively.

Approximately 250 to 300 Katraj citizens have actively participated in the hunger strike taking place at Katraj Chowk. The discontent arises from the perceived disparity between PMC’s promises on paper and the lack of tangible implementation on the ground.


The hunger strike is set to persist until the demands put forth by the citizens and Katraj Vikas Aghadi are acknowledged and met by the concerned authorities. The protestors seek not just assurances but concrete actions to address the longstanding issues affecting the Katraj community.