Pune: Know How Fire Brigade Rescued 16-Year-Old Who Fell Into a 40-Feet Deep Water Tank

Girl falls in water tank opposite Royal Heritage Mall Dorabjee Mall in Pune
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Kondhwa, 5th December 2023: Around 9:25 pm yesterday, a 16-year-old girl fell into a 40-feet deep water tank located in front of Dorabjee Mall, NIBM Road, Pune. The incident prompted an immediate response from the fire brigade, with the control room dispatching the fire brigade from Kondhwa Khurd.

Upon reaching the scene, the firefighters discovered three large water tanks in the open area, all currently empty. In one of these tanks, the injured girl was found lying at the bottom, approximately 40 feet deep. Fire officer Kailas Shinde, along with firefighter Aniket Gogawle, bravely entered the deep tank, wearing safety belts and utilizing a ladder, while their colleagues stood above, facilitating the rescue operation.

Recognizing the girl’s injured condition, Shinde called for an ambulance and a doctor through the control room. They proceeded to lift the girl with a police net while she was secured in a safety belt. The personnel at the top of the tank successfully extricated the girl, placing her in an ambulance. Simultaneously, the attending doctor administered necessary medical attention, providing an injection before dispatching her to the hospital in Ambulance 108.


The girl, a resident of Konark Puram, Badshahnagar, Kondhwa, suffered injuries to her legs and head. Thanks to the prompt and coordinated efforts of the fire brigade, her life was saved. The entire rescue operation took approximately an hour to complete.

The commendable team involved in this successful rescue operation included Kondhwa Khurd fire officer Kailas Shinde, driver Deepak Kachare, and firefighters Mohan Sanas, Ravi Bartakke, Aniket Gogawle, Santosh Mane, and Ramraj Bagal.