Pune: Konica Minolta’s The PowerHouse exhibition, held at Conrad

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Pune, 22nd March, 2024 | Konica Minolta, trusted innovator in strategically integrated intelligent business solutions, successfully inaugurated the first event in the “PowerHouse” exhibition series, with the theme of – “Igniting Innovations, Powering Possibilities,”recently. The exhibition featured Konica Minolta’s comprehensive product portfolio, aimed to help business leaders overwhelmed by fragmented, siloed solutions find a unified ecosystem that orchestrates workflows, promises frictionless communication, and ingrains sustainability across the entire organisation.

The PowerHouse exhibition, held at Conrad, Pune, comprised of dedicated zones that presented Konica Minolta’s adaptable suite of solutions, across product verticals – from Smart Workplace Solutions, Optimised Print Services, and Production Printers. All these zones were interactive by design, ensuring visitors imbibed an informed and engaging experience with the portfolio, first hand.

Commenting on the success of the exhibition, Mr Katsuhisa Asari, Managing Director at Konica Minolta Business Solutions India, said, “Successful workplaces prioritise their core competencies, where they can rely on an external partner who takes care of their technology architecture, data environments and automation strategy. This is the future Konica Minolta helps create, with our intelligent business solutions that work in tandem. This is the essence of the intent behind beginning the PowerHouse exhibition series. By guiding business leaders through a connected experience, Konica Minolta illustrates how innovation can marry scale, where each business solution is complete alone, but powerful together.”

The Smart Office Solutions Zone, featuring industry-leading printing devices were showcased in collaboration, alongside Unified Communication solutions and Optimised Print Services – offering a complete picture of streamlined workflows and empowered productivity.

Unified communication (UC) solutions address this critical need by empowering a truly modern workplace. Through user-friendly UC solutions, employees can bring their own devices (BYOD) to participate in efficient and effective meetings, regardless of location. These products are lightweight, plug-and-play devices require minimal technical expertise, ensuring everyone can instantly contribute and share ideas, fostering collaboration both within and outside the organization. We focused on filling the growing need for UC solutions in small and medium-sized meeting rooms, allowing businesses of all sizes to unlock the power of unified communication.