Pune: Koregaon Park Residents Demand Improved Environment and Maintenance of Bhairoba Crematorium

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Koregaon Park, 11st August 2023: Responding to a series of complaints, residents of Koregaon Park, along with Corporator Mangala Mantri and officials from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), conducted an on-site inspection of the Bhairoba Crematorium in Koregaon Park today. During the inspection, residents highlighted several concerns, including poor maintenance, lack of cleanliness, and inadequate infrastructure at the crematorium.

Residents brought to the attention of PMC officials the dilapidated state of the crematorium, which featured broken window panes, damaged tiles, rundown sheds, exposed electrical wires and fittings, and the presence of approximately 6-8 stray dogs within the premises. Additionally, unclean toilets devoid of water supply and inadequate lighting arrangements further compounded the issues. Residents urged the PMC to take swift action to address electrical, structural, and plumbing repairs, as well as general maintenance, to uphold the dignity of the facility.

Dhairyashil Vandekar, President of the Vithalrao Vandekar Foundation and a resident of Koregaon Park, emphasized the importance of maintaining the sanctity of such a space and ensuring it respects the sentiments of the community. Vandekar expressed concern that the unkempt condition of the crematorium disrespects the deceased and their grieving families. The presence of stray dogs further exacerbated the challenges faced by visitors and staff.

Vandekar called for the formulation of a comprehensive masterplan by the PMC to revamp the Bhairoba Pumping Crematorium, drawing inspiration from the well-kept Vaikunth crematorium within the city. He emphasized the need for tree planting and creating an atmosphere that honors the departed and provides solace to visitors.

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Another resident, Samir Roopani, underscored the significance of maintaining cleanliness, particularly in restroom facilities. Roopani stressed that the crematorium should be impeccably maintained, given its emotional significance.

GV Krishna, another resident of Koregaon Park, demanded proper supervision and regular upkeep to ensure the crematorium remains in optimal condition.

Corporator Mangala Mantri and social worker Nilesh Mantri promptly organized the site visit in response to residents’ complaints. They assured residents of their commitment to addressing the raised concerns and pledged to oversee the implementation of the proposed actions within the next two weeks.

Following discussions with the residents, several immediate actions were identified, including electrical repairs, painting, road repairs, window pane replacements, underground cabling for high-tension electrical lines, enclosing exposed wires and boxes, waste and debris removal, installation of additional taps, tree planting, water line improvements for toilets, panhali pipe work, and civil works. PMC officials assured residents that these tasks would be completed within the next 15 days.

Notable residents present during the inspection included Dhairyashil Vandekar, Samir Rupani, GV Krishna, Mauli Darwadkar, Aaba Modak, Darode, and others. PMC officials from the main department and ward office, including Khare, Sonali Jadhav, Ashok Zuluk, Laxmi Gaware, Mrs. Shinde, Kalshetty, and others, also attended the event.

Dhairyashil Vandekar, on behalf of the residents, expressed gratitude to Corporator Mangala Mantri, Nilesh Mantri, and PMC officials for their cooperative approach in addressing the concerns and swiftly proposing action plans.


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