Pune: Lecture Series on Women’s Health Marks Navratri Celebrations at DPU Private Super Specialty Hospital

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Pimpri, 27th October 2023: In celebration of Navratri, DPU Private Super Specialty Hospital in Pimpri organised an enlightening lecture series on women’s health. The series, conducted by various medical experts, aimed to raise awareness about women’s health issues within society. Medical professionals guided topics such as PCOD, IVF, menopause, various diseases, and healthy dietary practices, offering women a perspective on leading a healthier life.

As part of its social commitment, DPU Private Super Specialty Hospital hosted various activities alongside its medical treatment services to commemorate Navratri. From October 15th to 23rd, expert doctors delivered daily lectures, each focusing on specific aspects of women’s health.

The lecture series kicked off with a video presentation by gynaecologist and obstetrician, Dr Meenal Patvekar, who provided essential information on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOD). Surekha Kaspate, Deputy Superintendent of the Nursing Department at the hospital, emphasized the importance of yoga for pregnant women. Subsequently, Dr Prashant Surya Rao, a gynaecologist, continued the discussion on PCOD in the following days.

Dr. Sunita Ricewadkar, Chief Director of the IVF Department at DPU Private Super Specialty Hospital, guided the achievement of a healthy pregnancy and related IVF procedures, including care and measures. Dr Jayashree Kulkarni shared insights into pregnancy-related issues, while Dr Bushra Khan, an infertility specialist, explained the purpose and circumstances under which In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is performed and its utility.

Dr. Shilpa Kshirsagar offered guidance on managing menopause and discussed the conditions before and after its occurrence, including essential care during this phase.

During these informative sessions, women had the opportunity to discuss their concerns and gain a better understanding of women’s health issues. Dr Madhukar Shinde also provided scientific insights on IVF via a Facebook Live interaction.

Dr. Meenal Patvekar delved into the topic of uterine transplantation, addressing the need for it, when it becomes necessary, and its advantages through a video presentation. She concluded the series with a lecture on menopause, guiding women on diet, routines, exercises, and changes that occur during different stages of life.

To heighten excitement, the program concluded with a lucky draw, where three fortunate winners received gifts from Dr. Bhagyashree Patil, the special chief guest of the event.

Dr Bhagyashree Patil, Pro-Chancellor of Dr DY Patil University, delivered an inspiring lecture on “Nari Shakti,” instilling hope and confidence in all women. She shared her experiences and insights, encouraging women to possess self-confidence, priorities, a positive attitude, and the courage to forge ahead in various roles within their families, society, and careers.

Chancellor of Dr DY Patil University, Dr P. D. Patil, expressed the hospital’s commitment to providing top-notch guidance and treatment using cutting-edge technology to address various diseases and issues concerning women’s health. The hospital has consistently prioritised the health and empowerment of women.

Dr Yashraj Patil, Trustee and Treasurer of Dr DY Patil University, highlighted the hospital’s commitment to delivering the latest technological equipment and diagnostic tools. The hospital already boasts advanced technology and aims to continue enhancing patient care.

Dr Manisha Karmarkar, Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, emphasized the hospital’s comprehensive diagnostic capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that patients receive accurate diagnoses and quality care. The hospital’s facilities and services cater to the diverse healthcare needs of patients, to improve their overall well-being.