Pune: Lexicon International School, Wagholi, organizes workshop on Memory Enhancement

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Wagholi, 21 February 2023: The Lexicon International School, Wagholi, organized a two-day Memory Enhancement workshop to help students prepare for their examination. Mr. Amarendra Chitale conducted the workshop for the students of class XI, showcasing techniques that help in enhancing memory. These techniques focused on training the brain to enhance its data retention capabilities.

The human brain is a supercomputer that has tremendous abilities of memorization. It has infinite potential to remember things right from birth. But quite often, due to faulty learning strategies, the brain falls short of the ability to quickly recollect information. This becomes a difficult phase, especially for students when appearing for their examinations. Sharing her views on the success of the workshop, Ms. Anju Luthra, Deputy Director- The Lexicon Schools, said “As an educational institution that focuses on the holistic development of our students, we deem it vital that the students are provided with every opportunity and equipped with every requisite skill to succeed in their endeavors. This workshop led by Mr. Chitale on Memory Techniques was a part of that effort on our end. It was fantastic to see the progress, the students made in such a short time and what was even more rewarding was the confidence they gained with the completion of each exercise. We are confident that this workshop will immensely help the students in their preparations and finally reflect in their results.”

Parents can sometimes assume that their wards could not perform well due to poor remembrance even though they put in adequate efforts during preparation. In an effort to provide students with a sustainable solution that will help enhance their understanding and retention, The Lexicon Schools organized a workshop that would help students learn techniques that can help them retain concepts and their applications effectively. The 6.5-hour workshop conducted by Mr. Chitale helped students to learn some simple yet effective techniques that they could easily apply when starting their exam preparation.

Students can apply these techniques to remember difficult and important lessons, involving long answers, atomic numbers, tables, and spellings. The workshop focused on equipping the students with the knowledge to seamlessly navigate through the study material and dedicate adequate time during preparations which would benefit them to create a clear and effective learning strategy. As part of the training during the workshop the students were given practice exercises, one of which involved trying to recollect 100 random words from the dictionary. The students were left in awe of their own abilities as they were able to complete the exercise easily by applying the various techniques they learned during the workshop. These activities helped students gain confidence in their own abilities and also demonstrated the working of these amazing techniques.

With the board examinations fast approaching, the workshop organized by The Lexicon Schools on Memory enhancement was a perfect aid for the students to help them with their preparations. By learning these techniques the students have also definitely acquired a great skill which will serve them well in the long run.