Pune lockdown: Heavy reduction in arrival, departure flights

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Sushant Ranjan

Pune, July 15, 2020: The Pune Airport has recorded a 35 percent reduction in flight arrival, and 45 percent reduction in departure due to the lockdown which started in Pune from Tuesday.

According to the Pune Airport Director Kuldeep Singh, “From July 14 0000 IST to 2359 IST, as many as 942 passengers arrived by 18 flights and 1,476 passengers departed by 17 flights from Pune Airport. The number of arrival flights decreased by 35 percent, and there was a 45 percent reduction in departure flights.”

However, on average 22 flights have arrived, and 20 flights have departed each day in this month so far.

As per information shared by Kuldeep Singh, “As many as 68,603 passengers arrived by 979 flights, and 1,06,197 passengers departed by 977 flights from May 25 to July 10.”