Pune Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Candidates Struggle To Kickstart Public Campaigning Ahead Of Polls

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Pune, 31st March 2024: With the Lok Sabha elections approaching, the political scenario in Pune appears to be characterized by a sense of lethargy among activists and a delay in campaign initiatives. Despite the announcement of candidates by the BJP and Congress, the upcoming polls in Pune, scheduled for the fourth phase of the Lok Sabha elections, seem to have contributed to a lack of momentum among activists.


Public campaigning by the candidates has not yet commenced, and activists are seemingly preoccupied with internal meetings and leisure activities, with many indulging in summer tourism. The period since the announcement of the elections has seen minimal public engagement, with only city-level officials convening meetings.


Given the extended timeline before polling day, candidates are grappling with the challenge of planning campaigns effectively over a prolonged period of approximately 54 days. The election process in Pune is set to kick off on April 18, prompting candidates to strategize on engaging with voters and navigating the lengthy campaign period. However, the absence of concrete plans has left party workers in a state of uncertainty, awaiting guidance on campaign strategies.


Both BJP candidate Muralidhar Mohol and Congress candidate Ravindra Dhangekar are prioritizing meetings with various stakeholders, including current and former MLAs, party corporators, and city dignitaries. These interactions aim to gauge voter sentiment and understand the prevailing trends among Pune residents.


Despite the announcement of candidatures, the lack of campaign planning from the parties has left candidates in a quandary. As the election phases draw closer, there is anticipation for an increased presence of party leaders in Pune. However, the absence of significant visits from Congress and BJP leaders thus far suggests that engagement with disgruntled party members may intensify only after April 15.


The delay in campaign planning and the relatively subdued activity among party workers underscore the challenges faced by candidates in mobilizing support and galvanizing their campaigns effectively in the lead-up to the Lok Sabha elections in Pune.