Pune: Low Water Levels in Chaskaman Dam Threaten Khed and Shirur Talukas

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Bhimashankar, 11th July 2024: The Chaskaman Dam, a crucial water source for Khed and Shirur talukas in the Pune district, holds only 13.35% (1.01 TMC) of its capacity, raising concerns among local residents. Despite heavy rains in Mumbai, Konkan, Kolhapur, Solapur, and other regions causing floods and disruptions, Khed taluka faces a severe water shortage due to low rainfall in the Bhimashankar area.

Farmers and citizens in Khed are anxious as the rains have turned scarce. In June, farmers sowed their fields, and the crops initially germinated well. However, recent hot weather over the last two days has dried up ground moisture, exacerbating their worries.

The Chaskaman Dam, with a capacity of 8.54 TMC, is in an alarming state. Even ten days into July, only 13 to 14% of water has been stored. Last year, by 28th July 2023, the dam’s water stock had reached 93%, necessitating a precautionary release of water.

The Bhima river bed has flowed due to intermittent rainfall in the Bhimashankar Valley, slowly increasing the water storage in the Chaskaman Dam. At the beginning of June, the dam had only 7.50% (0.57 TMC) of water, and after one and a half months, it increased by only 6%. Since 1st June, only 227 mm of rain has been recorded in the dam area.

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Last year, on 10th July, the dam had accumulated 18.85% of water. Due to increased rainfall, the water level rose to 93% in just 17 days, leading to the opening of all five gates of the dam and the release of 4,340 cusecs of water into the Bhima river basin. Citizens are now hoping for a similar miracle from nature to fill the Chaskaman Dam this year.