Pune: Made In Goa Liquor Worth Rs One Crore Seized, Two Smugglers Arrested

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 2nd January 2024: Officials from the Maharashtra State Excise Department successfully intercepted a smuggling operation, seizing over 1,000 boxes of made-in-Goa liquor concealed within a truck ostensibly transporting paint cans.


The decisive action took place on Monday, January 1, led by Inspector State Excise Saswad Division, Pune, under the strategic guidance of Superintendent Charan Singh Rajput and Deputy Superintendents Sanjay R. Patil, Yuvraj Shinde, and S.B. Jagdale.


Following credible information received by Superintendent Rajput, the team initiated vehicle inspections on January 1, 2024, at the Khed Shivapur toll plaza. Their attention was drawn to a ten-wheeler container, prompting a thorough search due to suspicions raised during the inspection.


Rajput commented, “Upon questioning, the driver’s responses raised suspicions, leading the team to conduct a detailed examination. To their surprise, strategically placed paint cans on the front side of the vehicle revealed more than 1,000 concealed liquor boxes.”


Preliminary estimates suggest that the seized liquor, exclusive to Goa, amounts to a staggering Rs 1 crore, including the assessed value of the vehicle. Notably, the driver lacked the necessary transport pass, license, or any relevant documents associated with the legal transportation of liquor.


As of now, two individuals have been arrested in connection with the smuggling operation. The investigation remains underway, under the supervision of the office of Inspector State Excise Saswad Division.