Pune: Mahesh Lunch Home Unveils Spectacular Seafood Extravaganza in 2024

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Pune, 1st February 2024: Dive into a tidal wave of extravagant flavors as Mahesh Lunch Home proudly announces the return of its most awaited event of the year – The Seafood Festival 2024. Revered for its culinary prowess, Mahesh Lunch Home is poised to redefine dining with an exquisite celebration of ocean delicacies like never before!

From the succulent Jerk Prawns draped in decadent sauces to the tender, buttery Tandoori Bukni Masala Lobster, each creation is a masterpiece designed to transcend the ordinary and transport diners to a realm of gastronomic bliss. The festival boasts an array of must-try dishes, including Prawn Bisque Soup, Tandoori Naga Chilli Crab, Karavali Squid Rava Fry, Andhra Gongura Masala Lobster, Harnai Bombil, Pomfret Chapala Vepudu, Mangalapuram Ghee Roast Prawns, Ambot Tik, Crab Varutha Style, Seafood Kizhi Biryani, and more! Concluding this gastronomical journey on a sweet note is the Semiya Payasam, served in a Tender Coconut shell, promising to leave your hearts in pure bliss.

To enhance the indulgence, Mahesh Lunch Home introduces a tapestry of exclusive offers and promotions throughout the festival, including a complimentary glass of House wine or Beer with each ‘As Per Catch’ order.

“The Mahesh Lunch Home Seafood Festival is our annual tribute to the vast and bountiful coast of India, where patrons are invited to savor the finest offerings of the sea in a setting of unmatched opulence. It is a fest where one can relish fresh & local seafood paired with their favorite choice of aromatic wine,” notes Narayan Poojari, Managing Director, Shiv Sagar Foods & Resorts Pvt Ltd.

Visitors will be welcomed by staff adorned in traditional South Indian attire, showcasing a unique blend of culture and heritage. The harmonious coastal music will elevate the scrumptious dining experience. The restaurant itself will transform into an undersea wonderland, featuring lavish seafood-inspired decor at every corner. From colossal crab sculptures at the entrance to enchanting fish nets cascading from the ceilings and walls, ship wheels, anchors, and maritime-inspired artwork, every detail has been meticulously considered to transport diners into a world where the ocean’s bounty takes center stage.

Starting from 1st February at its Sakinaka (Mumbai) and Camp (Pune) outlets, and from 8th February at its Thane outlet, this month-long culinary celebration is certain to leave you craving for more!