Pune: Majority Of ‘Sick’ Prisoners Relocated To Yerawada Jail Post Lalit Patil’s Escape

Yerwada jail
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Pune, 31st October 2023: Sassoon Hospital is currently left with just one prisoner patient as heightened precautions have been implemented following the escape of drug trafficking mastermind, Lalit Patil. The hospital administration has taken swift action, with jail ward patients being promptly transferred back to Yerwada Central Prison. Interestingly, this month has seen the admission of only two inmates to the hospital, both of whom received treatment and were subsequently returned to jail.

Lalit Patil’s escape occurred while 16 inmates were undergoing treatment at Sassoon Hospital, causing considerable chaos. Subsequently, the Prisoner Patient Committee convened an urgent meeting to review the treatment of all jail ward patients. As a result, 12 prisoners, including former MLA Anil Bhosle, were immediately sent back to jail. Currently, only one patient remains in prisoner patient room, ward number 16, at Sassoon.

Traditionally, Sassoon Hospital admits an average of 15 patients from Yerawada Jail for treatment each month. However, the recent month saw a decline in admissions, with just two inmates receiving treatment. One of them was admitted on October 11 for a mental examination and discharged on October 25. Additionally, a female prisoner was admitted on October 21 for an abortion-related issue and was sent back to jail on October 26. This shift highlights the reduced number of prisoners sent from Yerawada Jail to Sassoon hospital, and the now the hospital administration has also decreased the rate of admitting prisoners.