Pune Man Allegedly Rapes Woman Under False Marriage Promise on Jeevansathi.com

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Pune, 4th July 2024: In Pune, a man allegedly raped a young woman by luring her with the promise of marriage after meeting on Jeevansathi.com. When the woman asked him to marry her, he refused and deceived her. A case has been registered regarding this incident, which took place in May at the victim’s home in the Sinhagad Road area.

The 28-year-old victim filed a complaint yesterday at the Sinhagad Road Police Station. Sudarshan Sandipan Shingate, age 38 and a resident of Ambegaon, is the accused against whom the case has been registered.

According to police reports, the victim and the accused became acquainted through Jeevansathi.com. The accused enticed the victim into a relationship under the pretext of marriage. He engaged in a physical relationship with her during visits to her residence near the Sinhagad Road area. When the victim inquired about marriage, the accused refused to marry her. Realizing she had been deceived, she promptly reported the incident to the Sinhagad Road Police Station, who are further investigating the matter.

Jeevansathi.com is an online matrimonial platform in India that facilitates matchmaking based on profiles searchable by caste, community, and personal preferences, intending to connect individuals for marriage.