Pune: Man Dies By Suicide In Wagholi Over Maratha Reservation Issue

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Wagholi, 19th June 2024: A man died by suicide in Pune over the demand for Maratha reservation. Before taking his life, he turned to social media, where he expressed that the reason for his suicide was the lack of reservation for the Maratha community.

In a note addressed to Maratha Reservation Activists, Manoj Jarange Patil, he conveyed his despair. The incident occurred at a private company premises in Wagholi on Pune-Ahmednagar Road.

The deceased has been identified as Prasad Dethe, a resident of Wagholi and native of Solapur. He had moved to Pune a few years ago in search of employment and worked as a security guard in a private company. He leaves behind a wife and two daughters who are still pursuing their education, along with a son. On Tuesday (18th June), Dethe returned home and posted on social media, highlighting the challenges faced by the Maratha community such as unemployment. Following this, he ended his life by hanging himself at the company’s premises.

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Dethe left behind a letter stating, “Hello Maratha. The Maratha Community should receive reservation under the OBC quota. Pankaja Tai, Bhujbal Saheb, Hake, Shendge, Taywade, Mundhe, Gaikwad, please grant us reservation. This is my request. No one else is responsible for my death. I am ending my life by my own choice. Jarange Saheb, do not give up until we achieve reservation. You won’t approve me. I am completely disheartened. Please forgive me.”