Pune Man Loses Rs 24 Lakh In Job Scam, Had Paid Amount In 40 Transactions

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Pune, 14th November 2023: A man lost a staggering Rs 24 lakh after believing he had secured a legitimate job offer online.

The fraudulent scheme, which commenced in March 2023, involved a phone call received by a man from a woman posing as an executive affiliated with a recruitment facilitator. The caller claimed that he had been selected as a potential candidate for a high-ranking role at the Indian division of an international automobile manufacturer.

To progress with the job application, the man was instructed to complete a registration on a designated online platform, requiring a payment of Rs 1,600. Subsequently, he participated in a telephonic interview, received a congratulatory email on his acceptance, and was asked to submit academic records and professional certificates.

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The fraudsters, likely posing as legitimate entities, then demanded funds for a company uniform (Rs 28,000), a comprehensive medical examination (Rs 80,000), and an advance salary payment (Rs 2.4 lakh). Over the next five months, the victim continued to transfer funds under various pretexts, totalling approximately Rs 24 lakh in about 40 transactions.


Realizing he had fallen prey to deception, he sought assistance from the cybercrime police station. The incident suggests that the fraudsters employed a scheme involving counterfeit email addresses and phone numbers, presenting themselves as the Vice President of Human Resources at the multinational automobile manufacturer. They also created a fictitious website for the alleged recruitment facilitator firm.

Police are further investigating the case.