Pune Man Pushes Wife to Death For Not Giving Divorce, Then Filed Her Missing Complaint

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Wagholi, 15th January 2024: In a disturbing incident that has recently come to light, a man has been arrested by the Lonikand police for allegedly luring his wife to the Mandhardevi area of Satara district under the guise of a religious visit, only to push her into a valley and subsequently strangle her with a saree.

The victim, identified as Lalita Amolsingh Jadhav (36), hailing from Phulgaon, taluka Haveli, Pune, met a tragic end at the hands of her husband, Amolsingh Murali Jadhav (26).

The shocking revelation unfolded after Lalita fell into a ravine, getting entangled in a tree. Lonikand police acted swiftly, and Jadhav was taken into custody. The case was reported by Police Constable Pratap Avhale at Lonikand police station.

Jadhav had initially reported his wife missing in October last year, leading to an ongoing police investigation. During the course of the inquiry, crucial information emerged, prompting the police to detain Jadhav for questioning. Initially offering vague responses, Jadhav eventually confessed to the heinous crime.

The marriage between Jadhav and Lalita was reportedly strained, with the significant age gap of ten years fueling frequent arguments. Jadhav, influenced by family pressure, had urged Lalita to grant him a divorce due to her age. Tensions escalated when Lalita refused, leading to constant disputes between the couple.

On October 28, 2023, the ill-fated couple set out on a rented motor car, ostensibly for a pilgrimage to Mandhardevi in Satara district. Upon reaching the Mandhardevi locality, Jadhav instructed the driver to park the vehicle, and the two proceeded to walk through the ghat. Seizing an opportune moment, Jadhav pushed Lalita into the valley, where she became ensnared in a tree branch.

Descending into the valley, Jadhav strangled Lalita with a saree, ensuring her demise. The subsequent investigation, conducted under the guidance of Senior Police Inspector Vishwajit Kaingde, revealed that Jadhav disposed of the body in the valley after confirming her death.