Pune: Man Throws Gauri Ganpati Garland, Flowers In Indrayani River, Then Drowned While Trying To Retrieve Jewellery

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Krupali Gade

Dehu Road, 13th September 2021: A person who went to throw Gauri Ganapati’s garland and flowers in the Indrayani river has drowned in the river. The incident took place around 10.30 pm on Sunday.


The deceased has been identified as Vishnu Sarjerao Patil.


According to the police, Vishnu was accompanied by his brother and another friend. Vishnu threw a garland and a bag of flowers into the river. But then they realized that the bag contained gold jewellery.
Vishnu jumped straight into the water and tried to pull out the bag. However, the water flow was high and he started drowning.


His brother Shankar Sarjerao Patil jumped into the river to save him. But he also lost his breath, meanwhile, his friend Rahul Patil, jumped into the water to save them. Shankar and Rahul managed to save themselves, while Vishnu drowned. A search for his body was going on.