Pune Metro May Miss December Deadline to Run on Range Hill-Pimpri Route 

Pune metro
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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, August 27, 2020: After four years of the long wait, Pune Metro was expected to begin its first commercial operations between Rangehills and Pimpri commencing from December 2020, according to the schedule designed by Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (Maha-Metro). However, due to lockdown, the metro operation is expected to be delayed.

Pune Metro project was started in December 2016, and the trials of the first train were successful in January 2020. However, the metro project has been affected due to the ongoing Coronavirus disease (COVID19) pandemic.

Speaking to Punekarnews.in Hemant Sonawane, Maha-metro public relations officer said, “We aren’t sure whether the metro will start in December or not because of the shortage of workers. Even if we start the operation, it will be between Phugewadi to Sant Tukaram Nagar only.”

What do Punekars think about this:

Sushmita Dey, an interior designer:  I think most people in Pune are excited for the metro to start, including me. The amount of traffic in Pune is increasing day by day, and the metro will be a relief. If the metro is starting from Range Hills to Pimpri from December, I feel excited about it as I will reach the destination in a few minutes, whereas it would take 45 minutes otherwise. The cost of petrol can be saved and the cherry on top, it is environmentally friendly.

Osama Qureshi, a petroleum engineer: Honestly, at this point, it doesn’t affect me because we want better transport services in Pune. We are deprived of essential transport services like buses, and also local trains. The metro won’t affect me as such, but I hope it reduces traffic to some extent.

Gaurav Vijaykumar, student: Because I am a student and do not need to travel far, I don’t think it will affect me more. But sure I feel a new way of public transport may reduce traffic for me.

Anish Varghese, an IT professional: It’s a good initiative as I believe it would be helpful for many people to reach their workplace and other desired destination without facing a lot of difficulties/ hassle.

Priyanka Rane, a homemaker: Traveling in Pune has always been super hectic. The amount of pollution in our city is unbearable, so I feel this is a good initiative. Still, the question is, will it reduce traffic because the construction work has only increased traffic jams in the city. I can only hope for the best.