Pune: Minister Anil Patil Allocates Land to 764 Individuals Affected by Pavana Dam Project

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Maval, 13th June 2024: In a meeting chaired by the Minister of Relief & Rehabilitation (Maharashtra) Anil Patil in Mumbai on Wednesday (12th June), a significant decision was made to return four acres of land to each of the 764 people affected by the Pavana Dam project. Even farmers with valid evidence but not registered with the Ministry of Relief & Rehabilitation will benefit from this decision.

Minister Patil instructed the Deputy Collector (Rehabilitation) to submit a comprehensive proposal with all necessary information and documents to the Ministry within the next eight days. He emphasized that the implementation would follow promptly upon receiving the proposal.

The meeting finalized the allocation of four acres per affected individual, with two acres provided within the dam area and the remaining two acres elsewhere in Pune district. In the initial phase, 764 affected individuals will receive 1,528 acres out of a total of 1,839 acres. Minister Patil noted that 311 acres will be set aside for roads, streams, drains, forests, and dam security.

The lands of local farmers in Maval were acquired for the Pavana Dam project nearly fifty years ago, starting in 1965 and completed in 1972. While some account holders were rehabilitated during the project, others awaited resolution. MLA Sunil Shelke praised Minister Patil’s decision, marking the successful culmination of efforts spanning five decades to address the rehabilitation issue.

A joint meeting was convened on Wednesday under Minister Patil’s leadership, attended by MLA Sunil Shelke and the affected individuals of the Pavana Dam project.